McDonald’s DORAEMON Happy Meal Zero Gravity Dancer toy kit

18th October, 2021

Something not right with the McDonald’s DORAEMON Happy Meal Zero Gravity Dancer toy kit.

You will not be able to make it stands on its toes. This is due to the overhead magnet is too strong and it will pull the DORAEMON to the top.

Thus, there is no way you can make the DORAEMON dance!

To make DORAEMON able to dance again, you will need to increase the pole in a way that the magnet will be “weaker” and sufficient just to hold the Doraemon to make it “stand on its toes” 😛

You can design a simply add-on using open source FreeCad application.

The file can be download from GitHub:

Print out using a 3D printer.

TaDa done!!!

Happy dancing 🙂

Palm Touchstone wireless charging for iPhone 11 Pro

5th May, 2020

Wow … has not been updating this site …

After added in the Palm Touchstone wireless charging for BB10 Z10 Limited Edition, now it’s time for the iPhone 11 Pro!

View video for details 🙂

The original NFC is also working!

Now I have another wonderful wireless charging iPhone devices similar to Palm 🙂

Here’s the detailed info on how to add in the wireless charging capability to the iPhone 11 Pro device. (DIY at your own risk)

You will need to get a Qi wireless charging receiver for iPhone. It should be support iPhone 7. Those charging receivers that support iPhone 6/6 plus and below will not work!

a) The photo shown below is a completed transfer of the Qi wireless charging receiver’s Mod chip and the Lightning connector to the Palm wireless charging receiver.

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DIY Charging Dock for Panasonic Lumix camera phone DMC-CM1

9th January, 2017

Hi, my first post in 2017!!!

Bought a Panasonic Lumix camera phone DMC-CM1, a 20MP 1″ sensor camera phone. » read more «

Telegram (DianBao for Telegram) for WebOS!

5th December, 2016


Here’s the year end final update.

Yes, it’s IM for WebOS – DianBao for WebOS!

It’s a direct port from BlackBerry BB10’s DianBao for Telegram.

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Universal Windows Platform

21st March, 2016

Hi, just ported my TuYa to another platform.

This time it’s UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

Horay!!! the same app now able to run in mobile/tablet/desktop device!!!

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