Palm Touchstone wireless charging for iPhone 11 Pro

5th May, 2020

Wow … has not been updating this site …

After added in the Palm Touchstone wireless charging for BB10 Z10 Limited Edition, now it’s time for the iPhone 11 Pro!

View video for details 🙂

The original NFC is also working!

Now I have another wonderful wireless charging iPhone devices similar to Palm 🙂

Here’s the detailed info on how to add in the wireless charging capability to the iPhone 11 Pro device. (DIY at your own risk)

You will need to get a Qi wireless charging receiver for iPhone. It should be support iPhone 7. Those charging receivers that support iPhone 6/6 plus and below will not work!

a) The photo shown below is a completed transfer of the Qi wireless charging receiver’s Mod chip and the Lightning connector to the Palm wireless charging receiver.

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