DIY Charging Dock for Panasonic Lumix camera phone DMC-CM1

9th January, 2017

Hi, my first post in 2017!!!

Bought a Panasonic Lumix camera phone DMC-CM1, a 20MP 1″ sensor camera phone.


It’s a fantastic phone, the only camera phone that equip with 1″ sensor. 🙂

Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1

Everything is good, except there is a little issues with the USB port. There is a rubber cap that cover the USB port. If you charge the phone daily, it will soon spoil.

CM1 USB port

Hmm, seems like the phone has actually cater for external charging without using the USB port. There are 2 contact points found at the bottom of the phone.

CM1 contact points

However Panasonic did not release any charging dock unit for this camera. So DIY a charging dock for this phone:

DIY charging dock unit

The base is made with cardboard (recycled from a delivery box), a USB cable (taken from an old mouse) and a rubber band.

dock 1

dock 2

dock 3

dock 4

dock 5

dock 6

dock 7

dock 8


Ready to charge Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1!

charging 1

charging 2

charging 3

charging 4

charging 5

charging 6

Oh yeah it’s working!!! Happy charging my CM1 🙂


Wireless doorbell mouse trigger

22nd January, 2016

There was a request to build a DIY wireless remote lucky draw push button (100m distant apart) for the VIP guest to press and activate the random draw for a company lucky draw event.

My solution is to use the wireless cheap door receiver and interface to the PC mouse left button.

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Palm Touchstone wireless charging for BB10 Z10 Limited Edition

19th June, 2014

After added in the Palm Touchstone wireless charging capability to the BB10 Alpha C device, now it’s time for the Z10 Limited Edition (STL100-2)!

Here’s the video.

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Palm Touchstone wireless charging for the BB10 Dev Alpha C device (Q10)

6th April, 2014

Since I have a few Palm Touchstone chargers lying around and I really love the convenience for wireless charging, I have decided to add in the Palm Touchstone wireless charging capability to the BB10 Dev Alpha C device (Q10, SQN100-3).

View video for details 🙂

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CPIB Poster-Slogan Competition

12th July, 2013

wow… I had won the grand prize

for the CPIB Poster-Slogan Competition “Do Your Part to Stamp-Out Corruption”!

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