Wireless doorbell mouse trigger

22nd January, 2016

There was a request to build a DIY wireless remote lucky draw push button (100m distant apart) for the VIP guest to press and activate the random draw for a company lucky draw event.

My solution is to use the wireless cheap door receiver and interface to the PC mouse left button.

When the wireless remote button is pressed, the wireless door bell receiver will acts like mouse and send a left mouse trigger to the PC.



I wrote a simple lucky draw application using MS Office Powerpoint. It will start the lucky draw random counter via the build-in left-click trigger event in Powerpoint.



  1. An old mouse to use for left button click event for the lucky draw application.
    Wired mouse
  2. One S$2 big LED push light to use as the big push button.
    LED push light
  3. Get a simple wireless door bell/receiver set (at S$7.90) to act as the wireless link between the big push button and the old mouse.
    Door bell
  4. Keep the door bell and mouse in a box (a S$2 Tool Box).
    Tool box


Steps for the push button:

  1. Door bell transmitter
    Door bell transmitter 1
    Door bell transmitter 2
    Door bell transmitter 3
    Door bell transmitter 4
    Door bell transmitter 5
    Door bell transmitter 6
    Door bell transmitter 7
  2. Dismantle the push button and convert the push button toggle switch to push button switch by removing the latch.
    Removing the latch 1
    Removing the latch 2
    Removing the latch 3
    Removing the latch 4
    Removing the latch 5
  3. Extend the wire to the battery compartment.
    Extend wire 1
    Extend wire 2
  4. Insert the battery.
    Insert battery 1
    Insert battery 2

Steps for the mouse trigger:

  1. Dismantle the old USB mouse.
    Dismantle old mouse 1
    Dismantle old mouse 2
    Dismantle old mouse 3
  2. Dismantle the door bell receiver.
    Dismantle door bell receiver 1
    Dismantle door bell receiver 2
  3. Tap the left mouse button signal.
    Tap the left mouse button signal 1
    Tap the left mouse button signal 2
  4. Wire to the door bell receiver.
    Wire to door bell receiver 1
    Wire to door bell receiver 2
    Wire to door bell receiver 3
    Wire to door bell receiver 4
    Wire to door bell receiver 5
    Wire to door bell receiver 6
  5. Place them in the toolbox.
    In toolbox 1
    In toolbox 2
  6. Plug in USB port and press the push button. There will be a door bell ring and a left mouse button click event send to PC.
    Press the push button


Final finished project:
Finished product

Enjoy using the wireless doorbell mouse trigger. 🙂


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