TuYa new cross-platform released!

15th February, 2012

TuYa new cross-platform released!

Re-design and rewrote the entire TuYa code. TuYa is now running on

It is most properly the only Apps (using Native SDK)  that runs in these 3 great platforms. It is running good in different screen size and resolution from

  • HP/Palm Pre2 (480 x 320, 3.1″ display) to
  • Nokia N9 (854 x 480, 3.9″ display) to
  • Blackberry Playbook (1024 x 600, 7.0″ display) to
  • HP/Palm TouchPad (1024 x 768, 9.7″ display).


The Touch/Pen response is fast and smooth too (thanx to native SDK)!

Touch/Pen response screen

It supports Native Orientation Sensor.

Native Orientation screen 1 Native Orientation screen 2

UI is one of its kind. (no text purely iconised)

UI screen

It’s unique, cute and supports both landscape and portrait modes.

Supports landscape and portrait screen


It supports different screen size and platform 🙂

HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad screen

Blackberry Playbook

Blackberry Playbook screen

Nokia N9

Nokia N9 screen

HP/Palm Pre2

HP/Palm Pre2 screen

Best of all, it will be always selling at the lowest price of the pay apps category (e.g $0.99 for Hp/Palm, $0.99 for Blackberry, $1.00 for Nokia). If you are looking for a quick memo taker.  This is definitely the one!


Here’s the URL link.

Nokia N9 (Meego/Harmattan OS)

TuYa Nokia

Blackberry Playbook (BB OS 2.0)


TuYa Blackberry Playbook screen

HP/Palm TouchPad (WebOS)


TuYa HP/Palm TouchPad screen

HP/Palm Pre2 (WebOS)


TuYa HP/Palm Pre screen

Lastly, a Windows Phone 7 version is also on the way!!!

It has completed and submitted and now waiting to be published …
Stay tune …


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