Updated TuYa for Windows Phone 7

7th March, 2012

TuYa for Windows Phone 7 has new updates!

Other than those small bug fixed, now it has a better designed UI. Take a close detail look such as those little colorful pins and live tiles. It actually makes TuYa more lively, more appealing and more pleasure to use … 😛

TuYa has also added native Windows Phone 7 features. Features such as

  • Live tile
  • Scheduler alarm
  • Import picture
  • Export picture to share pictures for easy sharing

This will definitely make TuYa a more productive and social tool! TuYa is specially designs for Nokia Lumia 800.

Cheers to Nokia + Microsoft … 🙂


Nokia Lumia 800 (Windows Phone)


TuYa Nokia Lumia 800

Here’s the video playback of all the TuYa features

TuYa video


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