TuYa cross-platform update!

29th April, 2012

TuYa cross-platform new update!

TuYa is now support Export and Simple Import features. This means that you can share out TuYa drawing with the social network tools.

Also enhance and polish the look and feel … 🙂

Here are the screenshots for


HP/Palm Touchpad (WebOS)

HP/Palm Touchpad screen 1

HP/Palm Touchpad screen 2

HP/Palm Touchpad screen 3

Blackberry Playbook (BB OS 2.0/QNX OS)

Blackberry Playbook screen 1

Blackberry Playbook screen 2

Blackberry Playbook screen 3

Nokia N9 (Meego/Harmattan OS)

Nokia N9 screen 1 Nokia N9 screen 2Nokia N9 screen 3


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